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Back muscles Training the right 6 workouts for your back

By Fitasport | Posted on 15-11-2017

Anatomy of the back, what muscle groups you can and should work out?

Before we jump straight to Back Workout it is good to know how this anatomical works.

Your back consists of many different muscles. And your back is super important because the back muscles with your spine you complete attitude of your body.
How you walk, State, bends down, and also how your organs held together.
It is so important that the very early after conception is already laid out in the 3rd week. In a 4-days is the development of the back rounded.

The back muscles can be divided into
  1. Outer back muscles
  2. Middle back muscles
  3. Inner back muscles.

Bruce Lee wingsIn the outer back muscles are the Musculus trapezius (Musculus trapezius) and (Musculus latissimus dorsi) the broad back muscle which is the largest muscle of man is
And the broad back muscle stands out because this is the beautiful v shaped muscle is your back Bruce Lee had this muscle very developed

Back musclesIn the Middle back muscles are the small diamond-shaped muscle (Musculus rhomboides minor), the Large diamond-shaped muscle (Musculus rhomboides major), the rear cut above (Musculus serratus posterior superior) muscle and the posterior muscle under (sawn Musculus serratus posterior inferior).

Back musclesIn the inner back muscles are the long back muscle (Musculus erector spinae).

Bigger is Better

How often you train chest muscles per week?

How often should I work out?
I hear that question often.
The optimal number of training depends on your goals. You just want to improve your fitness or work out then 1-2 times a week sufficient.
Would you like more muscular strength or muscle mass then you have at least 2 times a week a training required.
Clear progress book you only when you 3 x/week.
The best is 3 x or more spread about the week in which therefore cardio training in it.
Muscles need rest did you know that?
A muscle group GROWS after each workout for more than 3 to 4 days long.
By the muscle group within 3 to 4 days after a workout to train again work only against growth.

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Pull ups

Pull ups or also known as, is a well-known exercise keeping your whole body weight lifting until you with your chin above a certain height are.
With a pull up bar train you on body weight a large number of muscles that you often do not even training with regular sports school equipment.
Because you hang do you use when you corespieren to every move your body to stabilize.

The mix between static muscle contractions and bending and stretching the arms so that the muscle fibers on all ways be triggered.

Actually, there is nothing that the pull up bar does not do.
Pull up is a tough exercise to mainly to train the back muscles and can often not be fully carried out by people who have just started with fitness.

Pull up exercise
  • Grab the rod shoulder width, with your palms turned towards you. Pull yourself up, until your Chin on 1 line with the rod.
  • Then get yourself then bags, until your arms are stretched at all (something keep your elbows slightly bent).
  • Repeat this exercise for the desired number of reps.

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Lat Pulldown

The Lat Pulldown exercise is named after the "Musculus latissimus dorsi" or also called the broad back muscle called what the largest muscle of man is.
And the broad back muscle stands out because this is the beautiful v shaped muscle is your back Bruce Lee had this muscle very developed.

Bruce Lee wingsThis back exercise is carried out on a "lat pulldown machine" which consists of a long barbell, which to a cable hangs, where then weight.
It's a beautiful compound exercise for the back muscle as the biceps and shoulders.

Lat Pulldown exercise
  • Set the lat pulldown machine in so that there a barbell to the machine hangs, which is suitable for a wide grip (the barbell can you replace for different grip).
  • Grab the barbell wide, slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  • Then go with the barbell in your hands sit on the bottom of the machine with you legs under the pillows.
  • Keep your back straight and look tilted up forward. (otherwise you get the barbell against your chin)
  • Pull the weight slowly to the top of your chest. The focus point is the dimple in your Adam's Apple. Let the barbell not touch your chest.
  • Don't lean back when you lift the weight towards you. Keep everything right and still..
  • Keep your elbows straight down other train your not your back but your shoulders with the result blessure's.
  • Repeat this exercise for the desired number of reps.

When you find yourself experiencing your forearms when performing the lat pulldown, then pick the barbell so that your not with your thumb to the barbell. Because the pressure of your forearms.

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Seated Cable Row

The seated cable row exercise is a fine rugoefening. It is a relatively easy exercise but often it is wrong.
It is intended that you keep the back straight and quiet. Don't go cradles with your upper body.
Sit up straight, with your upper body perpendicular to the weight bench. We see many people leaning too far back.
Keep your legs not stretched, but make for a slight bend in your knees.

Seeking a strict export, fixing many people their shoulders by their shoulder blades pinch together.
It is precisely the intention of the exercise that your shoulders from front to back moves but don't overdo it.

Pull through until upper arms parallel to your upper body.
Not so with your elbows behind you upper body. The wrists must be just for your stay between the belly button and bottom sternum.

De Seated Cable Row exercise
  • Sit down on the weight bench and place your feet on the footrests. (With slightly bent knees)
  • Lean forward and grab the handle snapped. (Usually this is a V-grip handle).
  • Now go sit upright chest forward and keep your arms straight in front of you. (Not your elbows fully extended.)
  • Now pull the handle towards the area between the bottom of your sternum and belly button by your shoulders back to move (shoulder retraction) and arms.
  • Keep your elbows at your sides.
  • Hold this position and tighten your muscles well to.
  • Go back to the starting position by straightening your arms and shoulders to bring out (schouderprotractie).
  • Repeat this exercise for the desired number of reps.

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Barbell Bent Over Row

The barbell row is an effective exercise that allows you to train the major muscle groups in your back.
It's a beautiful compound exercise for the back muscle as the biceps and shoulders but also your abdominal muscles and legs play a role.

The Barbell bent over row exercise
  • Grab a barbell and place the weight on the barbell.
  • Stand with your legs shoulder width stand with your knees slightly bent.
  • Squat down and grab the barbell overhands stuck with the thumb down.
  • You place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width
  • Keep your back straight and go so that you the barbell for you against your waist persists.
  • Let the weight slowly put down until the barbell just below your knees plays.
    This is the initial attitude of the exercise.
  • Bring the weight up until the barbell just below your chest comes.
  • Focus on the muscle contraction to bring by the muscles in your shoulders when the barbell up.
  • Let the weight again slowly down and repeat this exercise for the desired number of reps.

The position of the barbel is very important in the implementation of the barbell bent over row. Bring the barbell is not too high to your chest or too low to your belly.

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If you like, as much as possible, to build lean muscle mass and more want to develop muscle strength, you should definitely go deathliften.
The deathlift is a compound exercise that lets you appeals to all of the major muscle groups.

In addition to the deathlift 'What the King of exercises is' is the squats and bench press a super training for muscle building.

No other exercise does more for the whole body at once than the deathlift.

This does the deathlift with your body
  1. It gives you a strong core
  2. It's good for the posterior muscle chain
  3. It gives you a better attitude
  4. You train multiple muscles at the same time
  5. It give you more force
  6. If you go the deathlift regularly, the physically demanding movements in daily life also much easier.
  7. You'll get better stamina
  8. It allows for more growth hormones and testosterone

As you improve your body and you going to strengthen your back muscles with this fitness exercise. This back exercise is good for the lower back and the long back muscle(Musculus erector spinae).

The deadlift exercise
  • Walk to the rod with your shins close to the rod or there at all. Put your feet slightly apart. Let your toes point forward with minimal turn out.
  • Then bend your knees, let your hamstrings by backwards then come and pick the rod stuck with your arms turned out and your shoulders in a good position by pulling them back.
  • rab the rod just next to your shins, about shoulder-width fixed.
  • Then turn your knees outward (in line with the toes).
  • Now you can pull up the rod, do this without changing the position of your spine changes. So start from your legs up and keep your back straight.
  • Put your hip forward as you the rod over the knees have to bring by your glutes.
  • Come all the way up until you upright and keep your back straight and rotate him not
  • Back you start with your back straight to lower the barbell up to your knees and then you use your legs back to him on the floor but keep your back straight.

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Straight Arm Pulldown

The Straight Arm Pulldown is an excellent exercise for training the back.
You train with this exercise again the wide back muscle. The problem with this muscle is that you don't really feel a pump and you'll see the muscle does not during exercise.
And this muscle is as tireless as you this muscle have already trained at the 'Lat Pulldown exercise' where the shoulders and biceps help, your biceps and shoulders exhausted much earlier than the broad back muscle.

But with the Straight Arm Pulldown ' exercise use the shoulders and biceps much less and you can go nuts.

So do you want just like e.g. Bruce Lee of those big wings then you start with this exercise and then the 'Lat Pulldown exercise' and tire you delicious the broad back muscle.
For this back workout I suggest you much (12-15) to make your reps to strengthen back muscles.

The Straight Arm Pulldown exercise
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width and keep a slight bend in the knees.
  • Grab the rod at the top with your hands at shoulder width, and make sure that there is a slight bend in the elbows is.
  • Keep your back straight and tense the abdominal muscles (light) to.
  • Bring the rod down with the rod just not to hips. Keep the arms constantly just not fully extended.
  • Then make the rod checked up. Please note that during this entire execution the back straight is.
  • Repeat this exercise for the desired number of reps.

This exercise will be for confusion with a triceps pushdown.
It is important to bend the knees slightly and the abdomen to a correct and well controlled attitude.
The elbows are slightly bent but the arms should be as good as stretched out his.


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