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Biceps Training the right workout for your arms

By Fitasport | Posted on 06-11-2017
Anatomy of the arms, what muscle groups can and should you workout?

Before we jump straight to Biceps exercises, it is good to know how this anatomical
. Your arms can make a lot of moves, forward and backward, you can fold up over your head lifting etc.
The shoulder is the basis for the arm and most top arm muscles
Gush from this area. In the upper arm are the biceps and the triceps so placed that they empower the forearm to push and bend.

Your upper arms are from 4 large muscles, starting with the shoulder or deltoid, Triceps and Biceps than the known, and the upper arm muscle.

Below you can see what it is about.
Upper arm muscles        Upper arm muscles

The biceps are often referred to as the muscles and are the characteristic of strenght.
A lot of men find well-developed biceps because they are so important to show how strong they are and impress the women.
It is the show muscles.

Bodybuilders and power athletes strive for the greatest possible biceps.
It is properly training the Biceps means lots of vary between exercises and technically good.

Massive arms, the dream of every man. And this dream would you like to achieve as soon as possible. With these exercises you create those arm muscles.

Bigger is Better

Barbell curls

Barbell curls
De oefening.
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart and keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Grab the barbell privately (palms away from you) with your hands shoulder width
  • Keep your elbows slightly bent so they never stretch all the way
  • Bring the rod up to shoulder height (curl) while you exhale. This is the most difficult part of the exercise.
  • Keep your upper arms still and move only with your forearms. Feel this burn in your Biceps then you do it right.
  • Keep the halter top and tighten your biceps as well. Feel this burn in your Biceps then you do it right.
  • Then lets the barbell slowly bags and keep control of your exercise. So slowly up and down slowly.
  • While you slowly lowering the barbell you breathe again.
  • Repeat this movement for the number of desired reps

Home biceps training

Sport you know not at a gym, but would you still like Barbell Curls do to your arms to workout? That can! The only thing you need is a curl bar made and a number of drives to be able to increase the weight.
At the following online shops you can buy your own simple fitness materials.

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Preacher curls

Preacher curl
With the Preacher crul exercise you isolate the biceps and is a good follow-up of the basic exercise the Barbell crul.
The advantage of this exercise is the forced restriction on the implementation. By your arms to rest on a bank you make sure that you can not cheating.
Because this exercise the biceps isoleerd spectacular views, this exercise for the most effective implementation and muscle growth stimulus of the biceps.

The exercise.
  • Sit down on the preacher bench and adjust the seat height in.
  • Grab the barbell or EZ Bar shoulder width fixed with the weight that you want to train.
  • Bring the weight with an underhand grip towards you.
  • Squeeze the biceps when you placed. And turn your wrist a little bit to the inside (your pinky to you) for a nice full biceps.
  • Let the weight here not rest, so keep the biceps under tension
  • Let the weight checked back slowly to the start position.
  • Pull your arms don't cross. This allows your elbows locked.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

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Hammer curls

Dumbbell Hammer curls
The Hammer Crul is an exercise not only for your Biceps but also for your forearm so that your arms evenly large.
So train your with this fitness exercise the forearm, the biceps muscle but also the short and long radial tensor of the hand joint.
You can do it in several ways.

The exercise.
  • Go to just stand or sit where you prefer. I take each hand a Dumbbell with the palms facing inside your body.
  • Keep your knienen and elebogen not straight but slightly curved, and don't turn with your wrists if you up or goes down.
  • If you comes up you can get your arm straight ahead or at your sides. My preference is for along your body towards your chest.
  • Bring the weight slowly up and squeeze your biceps together if you are above.
  • Let him slowly put down but not straighten your elbow and breath in.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

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Concentration curls

Dumbbell Concentration curls
Dumbbell Concentration Curls is a classic Bicep workout from the golden age of bodybuilding.
The Concentration Curl enter you're sitting out, where you specifically the bicep per arm isolates.

The exercise.
  • Go sit on a bench and grab a dumbbell with one hand.
  • Put your eleboog against the inside of your knee to bend light and bend over during exercise will keep your body continue still.
  • Keep your elbow slightly bent and you grab the Dumbbell with your palm up.
  • Lift it up and slowly squeeze your biceps for a moment while you're running something the wrist (with your pinky up) for a nice full biceps.
  • Let him slowly put down but not straighten your elbow and breath in.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

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Dumbbell curls

Dumbbell curls
The dumbbell curls are perhaps the most famous exercise to thick and big biceps.
This exercise is good for bending the elbow, crank up the wrist and for the forward lifting the arm.

The exercise.
  • Stand with two dumbbell's in each hand 1.
  • Bend your knees slightly and keep your elbows slightly bent
  • The Dumbbell like you along your sides with your palms toward your hip.
  • Lift your arms up with both at the same time and turn your dumbbell dumbbell so that your palms to come in.
  • Squeeze your biceps as you are above.
  • You can breath during the hardest part of the exercise (while the weights up brings).
  • Let him slowly put down but not straighten your elbow and breath in.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

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Standing Cable Curl

Standing Cable Curl
For a correct attitude is important to the knees is to bend.
This relieves the knees, in addition you will almost automatically you tighten your abdominal muscles to.
Giving you firmer State and hopefully also are less likely to use the back muscles when the last repetitions heavier.
Suit him prefer something lighter and keep the exercise with a right attitude, that often a better incentive than if you exercise with other muscles takes over where the exercise not intended for.

The exercise.
  • Stand for the cable machine and grab the rod down.
  • Bend your knees slightly and keep your elbows slightly bent.
  • Grab the rod with the palm out and also about your thumb the rod (you can also keep him inside and possibly alternating).
  • Bring the rod slowly upwards and top squeeze your biceps.
  • And let the rod slowly put down but not straighten your elbow breath in.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.


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