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Triceps Training the right workout for your arms

By Fitasport | Posted on 06-11-2017
Anatomy of the arms, what muscle groups can and should you workout?

Before we jump straight to Triceps exercises, it is good to know how this anatomical
. Your arms can make a lot of moves, forward and backward, you can fold up over your head lifting etc.
The shoulder is the basis for the arm and most top arm muscles
Gush from this area. In the upper arm are the biceps and the triceps so placed that they empower the forearm to push and bend.

Your upper arms are from 4 large muscles, starting with the shoulder or deltoid, Triceps and Biceps than the known, and the upper arm muscle.

Below you can see what it is about.
Upper arm muscles        Upper arm muscles

Massive arms, the dream of every man. And this dream would you like to achieve as soon as possible. With these exercises you create those arm muscles.

The triceps muscle consists of 3 groups. With these exercises train you all three muscle groups of the triceps.
The 3 groups are the 'lateral head', 'long head' and the 'medal head'.

Bigger is Better

Close Grip Bench Press

The 'Close Bench Press' are the basic training for the triceps and especially for the 'long head' muscle group.
For a good nice triceps development, it is also important to the other muscle groups, this can be done by the other Tricep exercises from this article.
This is a compound exercise 'meaning that you have multiple muscle groups at the same time trains.
It is intended that you isolate the triceps or they at least up to.
Never sacrifice your technique for the benefit of a heavier version. But so does essentially for all exercises.

The exercise:
  • Go on a flat dumbbell bench. Make sure you firmly by the narrower grip is, because it is in principle more difficult to stabilize the rod.
  • Grab the weight bar bite with a narrow, overhand grip.
  • Til now the weight off and let it drop to on your chest. Pause briefly and press the weight bar now over the same course back out.
  • Repeat and place the rod after the last rep back on the barbell support.

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Triceps Dip Machine

This exercise do you do on a ' Dip machine ' and feed him quiet out for the best result.

The exercise:
  • Go sit on a bench with good back support, look ahead and keep your body still.
  • Push the weights down, pull your elebogen not and let the weight not just on each other rest or click.
  • Arrived down wait a while to bring up again, keep your back still and against the support to.
  • Bring the weights slowly back up again, and don't go too far up so you forward bends over and your elbows come too high.
  • Then train your shoulder instead of the tricpes. Also not go too fast down or up.
  • Repeat this exercise 15x

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Triceps Push Down

The Triceps Push Down is an insulation exercise and is standing.
The weights you lift using a rope and pulley

The exercise:
  • Stand straight with a straight back and grab the rope fixed above the 2 balls.
  • With the rope did you just what more flexible than if it happens with a horizontal rod. You may have something more varying the exercise by your arms a little wider to do.
  • Pull the string to your chest. This is the starting position. Now draw the rope almost all the way down but not stretch your elbows.
  • Keep your body still only your forearms move. Else you do not train your triceps.
  • Keep the rope down and move slowly up again until your chest.
  • Repeat this exercise 12x

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Skull crushers

The Skull crushers or also known as the lying triceps extension. Or in the flat Dutch 'tricepsstrekken'.
The EZ Bar is for the skull crushers to recommend than the straight barbell. If both are not available then you can still perform this exercise with dumbbells.
If you have the weights too heavy you can have your forehead crack. Hence the name Skull crusher or skull crack.

The exercise:
  • Take a seat on a bench and stabilize yourself by with both feet flat on the floor, your buttocks on the couch, you both shoulder plates on the couch and your head on the bench. This to prevent injuries.
  • You start with the weights at the top so your arms straight while you're on the bank. But stretch your elbows not.
  • Let the bar slowly drop to just above your forehead. And keep your body still.
  • Stretch your arms slowly but stretch your elbows. Tighten your triceps at the top for a moment
  • Let the bar slowly drop to just above your forehead.
  • Repeat this exercise 12x

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Dippen (between benches)

Dipping is one of the classic exercises it has been around as long as fitness.
The reason for this is you have no special machines needed, but it is one of the effictieveste exercises to strength and mass in the upper body.

The exercise:
  • Grab the rods of the frame fixed with your face to the frame.
  • Stabilize your body and let slowly pull down your arms.
  • Do not go too far down, but just so far that your arms make a corner of 90 degrees.
  • Bring your body slowly up again. But this stretch your elbows not.
  • Repeat this exercise.

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Dumbbell Pullover

The dumbbell pullover is a simple exercise that allows you to train different muscles in your upper body. In addition to the muscles that you use to coordinate the movement of the dumbbell, you'll use a number of muscles to stabilize your body during the exercise.
Because the dumbbell pullover or a composite, compound exercise is, in addition to the chest muscles also other muscles. So play the muscles in the shoulders and the triceps a role in performing the exercise.

The exercise:
The dumbbell pullover is an exercise for your chest where you need a bench press and a dumbbell. Make sure your upper back on the bench rest.
  • Grab a dumbell with both hands and go on a flat bench with your shoulder blades resting on the bench. Hold the dumbbell with both hands above you, with your palms against the bottom of the drives. Lift the dumbbell on above your chest with your elbows is bent.
  • Breath in and bring the dumbbell along your head down until the dumbbell at the height of the bench. Hold the dumbbell a second fixed on the lowest point before you are going to exhale and the dumbbell back brings in the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps, but note that you have the right attitude and execution remains handling.


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